Getting Your First Sale Without Stressing

Let’s be honest, sales scare EVERYONE.

We’re all a little afraid to pick up the phone and try to make that sale. But what we don’t realize is we’re making sales everyday. Whether it’s negotiating a job promotion, convincing a loved one to do work around the house or you’re pushing for discount a retailer – it’s all sales.

Introducing the Trust Trigger Method

One of the EASIEST methods we’ve found for selling is the Trust Trigger method.

Selling businesses an initial low cost (yet high value) service is the BEST way to make the sale and, most importantly, build the relationship. The first sale is the most difficult one to make regardless of what business you’re in. The key to the Trust Trigger method is to get your foot in the door.

Trust Triggers Exist for Almost Every Industry

SEO services?

Run an SEO report on the company and their competitors and sell it for $97.

Reputation Marketing services?

Run a reputation report on the company and their competitors and sell it for $97.

PPC services?

Do a campaign audit of what they’re currently doing.

There’s a reason your local mechanic runs a diagnostic report on your car for a small fee before charging you more.

Personally, we think we’ve created one of the BEST Trust Triggers EVER. We even invested $250,000 of our own money into creating a software to make this Trust Trigger easy for almost anyone to buy, sell & fulfill with push-button ease. You can learn about this Trust Trigger and receive your special offer a little later.

Now you’ve generated the leads, set up a meeting and have your Trust Trigger to sell, then what’s last?

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