Success Stories

Here’s just a small collection of some of our success stories!

“First off, we truly owe our collective success stories to YOU and your team. You are definitely changing lives and people’s livelihood. Thank u again. Here is my story: 7 weeks ago, I’ve sold 16 rep videos at $197-297. This has brought in $3600/month revenue i.e. added $43K to the bottom line. This is all from selling just rep video packages…”   Mukhia G.

“This has been an AMAZING week! 8 closed trust triggers (videos) this week for $297 each….this is extremely exciting for our team, it really shows us that all you need to be successful with David’s system is to add ACTION! $2400 for this week and that’s almost $10K this month! ”   Dale W.

“These things rock. I have used them to close 4 reputation packages at $1,995 set up and $495-$800 a month. If I add up the revenue it’s just under $8,000 in one time fees and just under $2,400 in monthly residual. That’s in just a couple weeks.” Kris M.

“Hi everybody, It is all starting to come together now for me. The key is to follow David’s process. In the last 2 days I have now sold 4 videos!   Mark R.

“It goes to show just how well RepVideos rank by themselves. I produced one and it immediately ranked at number 2 in Google for videos.”   Mark L.

$300 a month for the next 12 months – 9 Rep Commercials and 3 more interviews. Will add in a ‘surprise’ after month 1. Feeling grateful… 😀 ”   Randy S.

“Thought I would share some more success! Had a lady call back from one of my emails. Followed the script exactly. End result: 2 Videos sold!”   Chris F.

“I started sending out a campaign last week. I got some good open rates, but I did not follow the system and call anyone! Got a call today from one of those leads….just read the script word for word….BOOM! $297 sale. Really? TSW (This Stuff Works) Follow the system!”   David W.

“Just sold a RepVideo today…he called and promised me 3 referrals before we hardly got started.”   Frank G.

“I come across a video on the local news channel that has one of my old sales people for the Auto Dealer days being interviewed..He was actually giving back to the community (a local charity) using his new business..I zap him over a Rep Video and tell him thanks for giving back to the hour later – him talking to me on the phone..minimum commitment of 12 RepVideos (paid in advance)!”  John W.

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