How to Generate Your First Lead

Every business starts with their first lead.  Before we get technical let’s be strategic and look at how getting leads works for any business. It conveniently breaks down into 3 parts for every business.

  1. Organic Activity
  2. Referrals
  3. Scale

Organic Activity

Getting that first lead means organic activity.  You’re going to need some hustle here initially. As a brand new business, you are going to have to generate a few leads that you can build off of. The good news is almost everyone has these connections through everyday living!

Your goal is to find 1- 3 business that you can get results with. How do you get them results? Good question! It depends on what services you can fulfill on. We’ll cover this more in another blog post. For now we just need those leads.

We recommend starting locally. Dentists, doctors, chiropractors, boutiques, and lawyers are a few good examples of local businesses that may be in your immediate circle. If not, take a minute a brainstorm what businesses you interact with on a daily or weekly basis.

Not sure your private network is large enough for this? No worries. We’ll show you a way to get 25-50 leads a day in the coming pages.

Once you’ve exhausted your organic network, you are ready to scale our lead generation and start getting referrals.


Referrals are typically the BEST clients and EASIEST sales. There is no doubt about it; word of mouth sells. There are two major ways to maximize your referral opportunities.

1. Set your pricing model to include referrals (which no one does!).

2.You’ll want to leverage the results you got for those initial clients and leverage your relationship with them for referrals and introductions.

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