Client Fulfillment Without The Headache

Welcome to the ultimate necessary evil of any agency business and a ‘problem’ we LIKE to have. Why? We’ll explain.

On a basic level there are 3 main types of fulfillment: Manual Fulfillment, Hired Fulfillment and Automatic Fulfillment.

Manual Fulfillment

Manual Fulfillment is a service or product you provide. It’s usually the fastest & cheapest way to start, but least scalable of the three models. Good for startup and early stage agencies. Ultimately, you’ll have difficulty reaching the 6 figure mark this way.

Hired Fulfillment

Hired Fulfillment is just what it sounds like, hiring someone else to manage the fulfillment. You’ll still have to provide a service or product but someone else will do the dirty work. This isn’t a terrible middle ground between Manual and Automatic. Hiring isn’t an easy task and, moreover, you have to make 100% sure the deliverable from them is quality. Finding the right help and training them takes up way too much time and money.

Automatic Fulfillment

Automatic Fulfillment is the ultimate setup of the three. Regardless of what industry we enter, we leverage software to automatically handle fulfillment. Now nothing is truly 100% automated but if we are wise we can automate well over 75% of the work. This is the easiest and most effective path to scale up to the six figure mark.

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